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Turning Cruise Group Shirt Creation Into a Pre-Cruise Event: Tips and Ideas

Planning a cruise with your favorite group of people is an exciting endeavor, and what better way to kick off the anticipation than by turning group shirt planning into a pre-cruise event? Transforming this task into a fun and memorable activity not only builds excitement for the upcoming voyage but also strengthens the bond within your cruise crew. Here are some tips and ideas to make group shirt planning a pre-cruise event to remember:

Host a Cruise-Themed Party

If you are going on a group vacation, why wait until the actual date to start the party? Gather your group together pre-cruise to discuss a variety of topics: excursions, dinner plans, on-board activities and of course, what group cruise t-shirt to create!  Even if your group isn’t in the same place, you can use technology to pull everyone together.  Use the time to build up excitement about your upcoming cruise vacation and start the fun together.

The Grand Group Shirt Reveal

If the group doesn’t know about the plan for a shirt or you have been working in secret on the design, use the party as a reveal party for your group’s shirt design.  Take the time to collect sizes, colors, designs and money while you have everyone together.  If you are doing unique designs for each person in the group, make sure to play it out through an individual reveal for each person to build up even more excitement.

… Or Time to Create Ideas

If you don’t have a certain design down or want everyone to have their own input, bring the group together to help design as a group!  This especially helps if you have the great idea to do a shirt, but aren’t quite shirt what design captures the essence of the entire travel group.  If you have an example of shirts, designs or even just element that you like, be sure to save them to share with the group.  Or have the group throw out ideas to create something totally unique. Hint - at Deck 11, if you have an idea for something that doesn’t yet exist, let us know what you are thinking and we’ll help bring your idea to reality.

If your group cannot come to a group decision, try going with individual designs.  One example would be Deck 11’s Most Likely t-shirts that let each person pick a shirt that matches their personality perfectly!

Most Likely Cruise T-Shirts


By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can transform the seemingly mundane task of group shirt planning into a pre-cruise event filled with laughter, creativity, and excitement. Building anticipation for the cruise becomes a shared experience, making the journey even more memorable. So, gather your crew, unleash your creativity, and let the pre-cruise festivities begin!

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