5 Packing Essentials for Every Caribbean Cruise

Cruising in the Caribbean is a dream vacation for many, with its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant cultures. As you prepare for your Caribbean cruise, packing smartly can make a world of difference. While you're probably thinking about swimwear, sunscreen and pants with an adjustable waist, don't forget these essential items that can enhance your cruise experience:

1. A Backpack for Easy Beach Access


The Caribbean is all about beautiful beaches, and you'll want a convenient way to carry your essentials to the shore. A backpack is a practical choice over a traditional beach bag because it evenly distributes the weight over both shoulders. It's perfect for carrying your beach towels, sunscreen, snacks, and other beach gear. We love carrying our backpack around the ship too to hang on to our Kindle, room card and towel.  Look for a backpack with multiple pockets to keep your items organized and easily accessible.


2. Refillable Water Bottle for Hydration
water bottle

Caribbean sun and fun can be dehydrating, so drinking water is crucial. To reduce plastic waste and ensure you have access to water throughout the ship and onshore excursions, bring a refillable water bottle. While most cruise lines discourage the filling of water bottles because they'd much prefer to sell you bottled water, it's still possible to fil your bottle - sometimes you just need to grab two cubs of ice water and pour them in your bottle.  


3. Themed Party Attire for Fun Nights
theme party

Cruises are known for their lively themed parties. From White Night to retro-themed parties like the '70s or '80s, these events are an absolute blast if you are prepared!  Make sure to pack a few themed outfits to fully enjoy the onboard festivities. Also, consider any holidays that may occur during your cruise. Packing an appropriate costume or outfit can make your cruise experience even more memorable.


4. Cash for Convenience

While electronic payments are widely accepted on cruise ships, having some cash on hand is still a valuable asset, especially when you venture to the various ports of call. US dollars are widely accepted on many Caribbean islands and stops, making them a versatile currency. From taxis and street food to drinks and souvenirs, having cash readily available can save you time and hassle. Don't forget to carry smaller bills for tips, as they come in handy for exceptional service and local experiences.

5. Deck 11 Group Cruise Shirts for Unity
Deck 11

Okay, we might be a little biased, but a Deck 11 group cruise shirt is the perfect way to bring your group together during your Caribbean vacation. These shirts not only showcase your unique identity but also create a strong sense of unity. Whether you're celebrating a family reunion, a bachelorette party, or a friends' getaway, matching group shirts add a fun and memorable element to your cruise experience. Plus, they make for fantastic photo opportunities, ensuring you capture those precious moments in style.

When you're preparing for your Caribbean cruise, these packing essentials can help you make the most of your vacation. From convenient backpacks for beach days to themed party attire that adds extra fun to your nights, these items will enhance your overall cruise experience. And of course, a Deck 11 group cruise shirt is the ultimate way to unite your group and create lasting memories. So, get ready for a fantastic Caribbean adventure and pack smart!

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